Volta Watch Cases

Volta Watch Cases

“Volta” means time in Italian, and that’s what the Italian manufacturer had in mind when designing these gorgeous, simply-designed but meticulously-engineered watch boxes: your time-pieces, carefully kept, so that you can keep time precisely for years to come. Each Volta box is created to ensure that your watches are stored flawlessly so they look brand-new every time they come out of the box.

Best watch case for a luxe aesthetic

There’s no going wrong with Volta's Ebony Wood 10 Watch Case with Gold Accents and Cream Leather Interior; even the name exudes luxury. With a rare wood zebra-grain pattern gracing its top and a simple, ultramodern curved gold strip across the front, the box doesn’t have to be any more than a simple box to be a gorgeous work of art. Of course, it’s a Volta box, so it’s much, much more than simply that! With room for 10 high-end watches to be cradled in supple leather, this box is a reminder of what true luxury really is: an invitation to stop and be pulled into the experience of the soft leather, the smooth ebony, and the burnished gold. This watch case also comes with a key to ensure ultimate security for your treasured timepieces.

Best luxury but a slightly more businesslike facade watch case

Consider Volta's 6 Watch Case in Matte Charcoal Grain. With a smaller footprint and more demure coloring, this watch case is subtler but still has all the high-end accoutrements a case worthy of your watches should. A stainless steel accent piece is fused to the top of the box with the Volta brand insignia; a pane of see-through material allows you to see your watches with ease (and allow any solar-watches to remain charged). For the best minimalistic modern case, choose this one in Matte Charcoal!