WOLF’s Axis watch winder collection is special. With a rare powder-coated finish and copper-plated laser cut steel — this winder collection is the crown jewel of the WOLF brand’s innovation and creativity. Axis is meant to combine the modern aesthetic with classic WOLF functionality. With its incredibly bold design and beautiful exterior and interior, WOLF has absolutely succeeded.

WOLF’s Axis winders feature the same patented WOLF technology found in every WOLF piece. Every WOLF winder accurately counts and measures the number of rotations of the winder. Typically other brands only estimate this number and therefore, some customers complain that their watches aren’t properly winded. Suffice it to say, you won’t have that problem with a WOLF winder.

Not only that, but your watch will also benefit from the multiple rotation options that WOLF Axis collection offers. You can set your winder anywhere between 300 and 1200 Turns-Per-Day or TPD. Keep in mind that if you choose the bi-directional winding setting, you can double your TPD to up to 2400. Some watches require specific TPDs, so you may have to try a few settings to figure out which one works best for your luxury watch. Regardless, once you figure out the right settings, you’ll never have to worry about your watch keeping the right time, it always will.

Whatever you choose to utilize as a power source, WOLF will give you a variety of options. AC or battery, your winder is ready to move when you are. If you happen to be a bit of a jet setter, rest assured that WOLF’s universal power adapter will be ready to jet off with you. The additional storage feature of WOLF Axis winders means that you’re never bound to just a single watch. Speaking of storage, the new patented lock-in cuff securely holds any and all watches, even larger ones with a capacity for watch cases of up to 52mm. Choose from winders of up to 8 pieces.