Diplomat isn’t just another watch winder brand. With over 40 years in the industry, Diplomat has carved out its legacy as an excellent producer of watch winders. In fact, there aren’t many watch winder brands that can compete with Diplomat in terms of longevity and customer satisfaction. Why? It’s simple, Diplomat watch winders are built to last and they get better with age.

 Whether you’re a seasoned collector with a plethora of luxury watches to your name or a novice when it comes to watch winders, you’ll learn how valuable a Diplomat watch winder can be to your collection. You’ll come to recognize the importance of accuracy and precision — when you grab your watch from a Diplomat watch winder, you’ll never have to worry about it keeping the wrong time.

Diplomat watch winders come in a variety of finishes including carbon fiber, wood, and leather because they believe that each watch collector should have a watch winder that’s just as unique as their collection. Not to mention, each Diplomat watch winder has features that evert watch owner needs.

Not sure where to start? Here are some contenders for the best Diplomat watch winders for your needs. 

  • Best Diplomat Single Watch Winder - The Diplomat 34-115 watch winder features an LED touch sensor display and bi-directional timer controls. This watch winder comes in a finish of blue, red, silver, grey, and black aluminum which can add the perfect bold touch to your watch winder.
  • Best Diplomat Double Watch Winder - The Diplomat 34-510 watch winder is in a class of its own when it comes to affordability and functionality. With a sleek black wood finish and additional storage options, this winder should be at the top of your list.
  • Best Diplomat Triple Watch Winder - This carbon fiber finished Diplomat triple watch winder is a must-have! This winder features a black leather interior with additional storage. You can also look forward to the winder’s bi-directional timer control and 4 programmed settings that you can set to match your preferences.
  • Best Diplomat Quad Watch Winder - The Diplomat 34-512 Phantom quad watch winder is finished with black wood, features additional storage for your watches or jewelry, and a smart internal bi-directional timer contro. What more could you want in a quad watch winder?
  • Best Diplomat 8+ Watch Winder - Diplomat’s 31-428 Gothica Ebony wood finish 8 watch winder is perfect for a burgeoning collector or a collector will a larger collection. The Japanese Mabuchi motor powers this silent watch winder, so you don’t have to worry about any of your watches losing the right time.