WOLF is one of the biggest names in the luxury jewelry business. While you won’t find any diamond-studded pieces from them, you will find products made from the highest quality materials available and put together with the skill and craftsmanship that years of excellence have nurtured. In short, any WOLF product, be it a watch case, watch winder, or jewelry storage piece, is one that will not disappoint.

 WOLF watch winders and cases are made with hand-polished wood, top-grain cowhide leather, high-quality carbon fiber, and more. This brand is committed to providing its customers with only the best of the best. Each watch winder is packed with WOLF’s patented technology including precision turning, while most brands estimate the number of turns your watch is receiving, WOLF has an exact number. So your watches are getting the care they deserve.

Not to mention, some of WOLF’s products have gone digital — meaning that you can control winders, name your safes or winders, and program them all from your smartphone. WOLF has implemented digital technology that is truly ahead of its time, but with such accurate winders, your watches won’t ever be!

 Seeking jewelry storage or a watch case? Whether you’re a famous jet frequent flyer who travels across the world or simply want to store your antique jewelry pieces securely, WOLF has a product that will fulfill your needs and surpass your expectations.

Jewelry cases made by WOLF feature its patented LusterLoc technology. Most pieces of jewelry, even those made of precious metals like silver, are known for their shine and ability to catch the eye of any beholder. That said, due to harmful gases in the air, like sulfur, jewelry can lose it’s luster and tarnish. However, WOLF’s LusterLoc technology ensures that your jewelry stays safe and shiny — with jewelry boxes made with fabric that is designed to absorb harmful gases. Safety. Security. Quality. Functionality. What more could you want?