LuxWatchWinders Concierge Care

Desk knolling Luxwatchwinders

Welcome watch enthusiast,

Watches are not just timepieces. They are a joy to behold, an investment, and often a legacy you hope to bequest to generations to follow.

Why then stuff these beauties in a drawer or hide them in a fireproof safe?

I believe a thing of beauty is to be enjoyed in the present as much as preserving its value for future generations.

So I launched the LuxWatchWinders Concierge Care. I call this "kinetic care" because it eschews inertia. It's active with attention to details. It reflects the precise, well-thought out movements of the brands we carry. 

This is a service tailored exclusively for the discerning luxury watch owner with a large collection, and those looking to buy our larger watch winder and watch safe products.

Concierge care for watch winders is the first of its kind (that we know of at least!). Yet, we provide it at no cost to our clients. All this is made possible because of the close partnership we have with the brands and the manufacturers of these extraordinary products.

Here's what I have for you:

  • Brand-to-Watch Matching: Your watch is unique, and so should be its winder. Our experts, with an intimate knowledge of luxury watch brands, will meticulously match who you are, to your brand of your watch, and to our brand of watch winder. When we do this, you get a harmonious blend of art and engineering. You get to experience the magic of this confluence of taste, and function. And if we don’t have what we think is best for you, we will tell you does—for free.

  • Confirmation of the Technical Specifications: Do you really want to learn about Mabuchi motors, decibel levels, and the TPD of your watch winder. Leave that to us. Our team will confirm every technical detail, ensuring that your luxury watch receives the care and precision it deserves.

  • Exclusive Discounts: As a privileged member of our Concierge Service, you'll gain access to exclusive pricing. We leverage our close relationships with suppliers to ensure you receive the best possible price.

  • Discretion and authenticity: Have a budget? (shh ... we don’t judge and won’t tell anyone!) We can work with you to get the best product if you have a limit to what you want to spend.

  • Jump to the front of the line: Inventory for the best brands is often limited. Our relationship with vendors means we can usually quicker than anyone else.

  • Your questions answered: Beyond the standard, expect the extraordinary. Our dedicated concierge team is on hand to answer any questions, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to purchase.

  • Yada-Yada Service Bonus:  Sure, we’ll throw in the usual stuff other retailers tout—great customer service, price matching, fast shipping, financing etc. For us, these are table stakes for our discerning customers.

    Journey into the world of luxury, precision, and exclusivity.

    Like you, we believe that the finest watches deserve nothing but the best. Experience the difference with our Concierge Care, and elevate your luxury watch winder shopping experience to unparalleled heights.

    Take the next step and book a call. You might even get to speak with me.

    Yours truly,

     Mark Pereira signature