WOLF Palermo

WOLF’s Palermo collection features six distinct pieces in four unique colors. Each piece from this collection is made from top-grain cowhide leather that makes it feel and look like the luxury item that it is. The collection is named for the famous city that has carved out its space right by the base of a mountain. Drawing inspiration from the city, WOLF’s Palermo collection features jewelry cases and boxes that are both classy and sophisticated.

Worried about your precious pieces tarnishing early? Don’t be. With WOLF’s patented LusterLoc technology, your jewelry rests in a case featuring a fabric lining that is designed to absorb any hostile gases known to cause tarnishing. Any silver pieces of jewelry that you store in a Palermo case will continue to shine like new for many years to come.

 As with all WOLF collections, Palermo isn’t lacking in functionality. Even as a watch and jewelry case collection you can expect higher-quality standards from the brand. Your necklaces will hang from one of the four necklace hooks, so you don’t have to worry about tangling or items falling, as the hook buttons close securely.

House stud and hoop earrings with ease using the case’s earring tab. An additional storage compartment and under lid storage make some pieces of the Palermo collection the best case for a jewelry owner with a large collection. If that describes you — check out the Palermo Zip Case or any of the Palermo Jewelry Boxes.

Does the gold ring match the deep blue hues of your shirt? Will your earring detract from your updo? Some pieces in the collection also feature a mirror, so you can always check whether your jewelry selections work before leaving the house. Traveling? Store your favorite watches or jewelry pieces in a Palermo case, the zippers feature a small hole that is large enough to fit a lock through. Who doesn’t love extra security for some of their most valuable goods?