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WOLF Watch Winders

WOLF Watch Winders

Every single WOLF watch winder is handcrafted by an expert. Professionally designed by a company that has made a name for itself in the watch winder industry by consistently churning out exclusive functional collections for its loyal customer base. Whether you’re looking for a wood finish, a feature-rich winder, or a piece that will hold your full collection — you can find it in a WOLF winder. What you won’t find? Cut corners and poor materials. Every material found in a WOLF has been expertly sourced to produce the best winder possible.
WOLF is where craftsmanship meets luxury and it’s where you’ll find a brand that you can count on for watch winders, safes, and jewelry storage. WOLF offers specific collections that will suit any luxury watch owners’ tastes, needs, and budget.
  • WOLF Viceroy - Named for the rulers that made names for themselves, WOLF’s Viceroy collection will ensure that your watch collection is housed in a modern and classic winder. Accuracy and elegance.
  • WOLF Roadster - This series takes its inspiration from some of the sleekest and powerful pieces of technology in the world — cars. Ebony Massacar finishes and precise turning your watches will enjoy the same leisure and sophistication that British cars do. watch.
  • WOLF Axis - The Axis collection is made up of copper and powder coats with laser-etched steel. A modern looking watch winder collection that melds luxury and function.
  • WOLF Blake - Blake features chrome and leather in a combination that makes a bold statement. Your watches will be safe and sound in the suede interiors.
  • WOLF Savoy - What can we say? WOLF’s Savoy collection speaks to those who want a sophisticated winder that matches their aesthetic. Hand-polished wood makes the winder the perfect addition to your mantlepiece.
  • WOLF Cub - Created for the young luxury watch owner, WOLF’s Cub collection boasts a variety of vegan leather colors to suit any style. No need to worry about your watch keeping the wrong time, WOLF technology makes that an impossibility.
  • WOLF Exotic - Python leather exteriors make for a bold statement that’s hard to beat. A chrome frame paired with exceptional precision makes WOLF Exotic pieces worth the wait.
  • WOLF 1834 - This collection is the combination of nearly 200 years of experience and craftsmanship. With a focus on driving home the excellent quality of WOLF pieces and the legacy that the company has built, pieces from the 1834 collection feature everything you need in a watch winder… and more.
  • WOLF Howard - Functionality and aesthetics can be difficult to meld, but WOLF’s Howard collection is made up of watch winders that suit the needs of everyone from the utilitarian to the jet setter with rich leathers and a basic color scheme.
  •  WOLF Memento - Calling upon the Latin phrase “memento mori” meaning “remember death” this collection celebrates some of the symbolism of death. Despite the elegant skull imagery embroidered on the exterior of pieces of this collection, your watch won’t die in these precise watch winders with WOLF technology.

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