WOLF Caroline

The WOLF Caroline collection is a classic in its own right. Not only does it draw inspiration from the ’50s, but it has also been designed to meet the needs of pretty much any jewelry owner. With a handsewn diamond-quilted leather exterior this collection simply speaks luxury and class.

Choose from a selection of colors including champagne, ivory, rose quartz, black, and red. The gold hardware brings it all together with the perfect accent. All in all, the Caroline collection would be an excellent addition to any jewelry lovers collection. 

The Caroline collection features a few more pieces that a typical WOLF jewelry box collection which makes it the perfect collection to choose from whether you’re gifting your niece her first jewelry box or want to pick one up for yourself. The Caroline jewelry cases feature a gorgeous tassel zip and a surprising amount of storage for your pieces.

With zippered compartments, necklace hooks, and a place to store your stud and hoop earrings, this piece is affordable, functional, and fashionable. Take the Caroline jewelry portfolio with you on your exotic vacations or simple business trips — you’ll always be traveling in style.

Not only does the Caroline collection come with an incredibly pleasing aesthetic, but it’s also an excellent asset for any jewelry owner who is concerned about tarnishing. Even with routine maintenance and cleaning, you can’t completely protect your jewelry from tarnishing. This is due to the sulfur in the air causing a chemical reaction on the surface of silver and other common metals used in jewelry pieces.

However, WOLF has worked to virtually eliminate that issue with its patented LusterLoc technology. This technology uses a special fabric that is designed to absorb and trap any potentially dangerous gases that may cause tarnishing. With it, you don’t have to worry about your jewelry being over-exposed to the gases and tarnishing as a result. What more encouragement do you need?