Six or More Watch Winders

Our 6+ watch winder collection is hard to beat. Our winders cover a wide variety of top-winder brands in the industry including WOLF, Diplomat, Volta, and Pangaea. That means you don’t have to worry about receiving a low-quality item — it just won’t happen. That said, our collection has pieces for everyone, whether you’re a new collector looking for the perfect starter piece or a seasoned collector looking to bolster your winder collection. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! Here are some of the best 6+ watch winders that we have in our collection.

Watch Winders Best Sellers

16-Piece Watch Winders

Any shopper that is looking for an affordable high-quality watch winder should look no further than the Volta - 31560160 16 Watch Winder Carbon Fiber. This watch winder is one for the books. A carbon-fiber exterior and a leather interior pair with LED lighting to make this one of the most stylish winders of this capacity available. Double LCD screens ensure that you can control this winder’s features with ease, including using its customizable rotation settings to ensure that your watch is in an expert’s hands, er, case.

 If you’re a collector that is seeking security as well as a feature-rich watch winder, then the WOLF 1834 Atlas 16 Piece Winder Safe is the best choice for you. Utilizing this 16-piece winder ensures that all of your watches are stored in a high-quality luxury winder that has been designed and built to satisfy your needs — regardless of whether you prefer security or functionality, this winder has both. A Bluetooth app available on smartphones that utilize the Android and iOS operating system gives you control of WOLF’s patented technology at your fingertips. This winder is actually a safe that comes with fire-proof protection.

24-Piece Watch Winders

It’s not surprising that the Volta - 31560240 24 Watch Winder is one of our best sellers. Customers know the value of an affordable price point when it’s paired with an excellent product that goes above and beyond. This Volta winder is perfect for watch collectors with a mid-sized to large collection and who are looking for a winder from a brand with a great reputation. The external carbon fiber finish and interior leather make this winder feel like something out of a magazine. However, it’s got a lot more to offer than just a gorgeous aesthetic. Japanese Mabuchi motors power this winder, 4 LDC screens help you control the winders, and the ability to set the winder to specifications that suit your needs makes this winder a top contender. 

Make no mistake, the WOLF 1834 Baron 24 Piece Cabinet Winder  is more than just another watch winder. When you buy a WOLF product, you buy a piece of luxury. This fact is embodied by this winder’s customizable pre-programmed rotation settings, a start delay, Bluetooth app functionality, secure 3 digit combination lock on drawers, and additional storage. All of which is available in a winder that comes in eclectic colors such as matter zebra and piano black.

32-Piece Watch Winders

If you have a large collection and want to ensure that your watch winder features enough space for all of your watches and valuables are houses in the height of luxury, then the WOLF 1834 Ambassador 32 Piece Cabinet Winder is the winder for you. Packed with features that include Bluetooth control via WOLF’s app, additional storage, and of course, luxury design — this is the perfect watch winder cabinet for a collector with a large collection and budget for the best of the best.

One of the best things about the Volta - 31560320 32 Watch Winder? Its price point. You won’t find another high-quality watch winder for such a bargain price very easily. Especially, since the Volta winder isn’t exactly lacking when it comes to functionality and features. Extra storage space via drawers that can hold up to 12 additional watches, lock-and-key security, LCD screens, and Japanese Mabuchi motors ensure that you’re getting a top-notch winder from a brand that doesn’t believe in sacrificing quality — ever.

Find a Match for Your Needs

Best 6+ Watch Winder on a Budget

It makes sense that a larger capacity watch winder would cost more, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. The Diplomat 31-427 Gothica Ebony Wood Finish Six Watch Winder is the perfect 6+ watch winder for any collector on a budget. This winder is feature-rich and affordable, what more can you want?

Best 6+ Watch Winder with Storage

Looking for a 6+ watch winder with extra storage for your large collection? Then look no further than the WOLF 1834 Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder. This winder comes with all of WOLF’s patented and legacy-building features. Handcrafted with you in mind, this is the perfect winder to hold your valuable watches and expertly wind them. The cabinet can hold up to 12 watches on winders and comes with storage drawers that can hold up to 3 additional watches and jewelry.

Best Traditional 6+ Watch Winder

The WOLF Viceroy 6 Piece Winder is the perfect piece for any collector who wants to focus on the nitty-gritty specs of a watch winder. What can we say? Like all WOLF winders, this one comes with top-notch functionality, is hand-crafted, and built to last. Not to mention it is one of the best looking pieces on this list.

Best Modern 6+ Watch Winder

Who says you have to give up functionality for aesthetics? The Volta - 31570122 12 Watch Winder - Rosewood isn’t just gorgeous, it’s functional. This makes it the perfect choice for any collector who wants to ensure that their watches aren’t wasting away in a utilitarian winder, this winder is breathtaking!

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