WOLF London

To say that WOLF’s London collection is a classic would be an understatement. The London collection has amassed many fans over its ten-year run and continues to set the marker for an excellent jewelry case collection. Utilizing the tradition of box making as an inspiration, the London collection is truly timeless.

Ice (powder blue), cream, or cocoa leather options truly embody the classic tastes for sophistication and elegance. The lizard-embossed leather is an ingenious stroke that adds a touch of exotic to the collection. The WOLF London jewelry rolls and jewelry boxes (square, medium, or large) offer a variety of storage options for any jewelry owner or collector.

 As always WOLF delivers an excellent product that will make even the most difficult to please customer rapt with compliments. This is none the more evident than it is with the London jewelry case collection. Take the jewelry boxes for example. The London large jewelry box features a glass mirror, extra security with a lock and key set, and chrome fittings that make your jewelry box look both modern and timeless.

 Tarnishing is one of the biggest concerns of any jewelry owner. Although you may go through the steps of regularly cleaning and maintaining your jewelry, it may still be prone to tarnishing. This occurs because sulfur-rich gases in the air causes a chemical reaction to occur on silver and other metals, therefore, reducing its luster.

It may seem impossible to avoid this, but that’s not the case with WOLF’s patented LusterLoc technology. Your jewelry pieces will be stored in a case that is lined with fabric that is designed to absorb the harmful gases and protect your jewelry from tarnishing — for up to 35 years under normal storage conditions. That’s just one of the many reasons to grab a WOLF London piece while you still can.


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