WOLF Marrakesh

Intricate designs and patterns make this jewelry storage collection the perfect choice for someone who adores the unexpected and when practicality meets fashion. This collection is inspired by the city of Marrakesh known for its beauty and ancient art. The Marrakesh collection by WOLF is at the peak of beauty and elegance with its rich top-grain leather and intricately designed patterns with gold-finished studs and hardware.

This collection features a jewelry box that comes in two sizes (medium and large), a flat jewelry box, a zip case, a travel case, and a safe deposit box — so regardless of your jewelry storage needs, the Marrakesh collection can meet them.

Looking for additional storage? The Marrakesh jewelry boxes which come in sizes large and medium could be exactly what you need. These pieces features pull out drawers and storage that will make you want to grow your collection!

Not to mention the clear mirrors allow you to see just how well your jewelry pieces go with your make up or outfit for the day, so you’ll always step out in style. As a bonus? The large jewelry box comes with an additional travel case for jet setters who don’t want to leave their favorite pieces behind.

As the WOLF brand is known for its reputation for producing on the highest-quality items, it comes as no surprise that the Marrakesh collection is also home to WOLF’s legacy-earning features and technologies.

Your jewelry will be prone to tarnishing, even if you take precautions, such as regular cleaning and shining. This occurs because your jewelry is exposed to gases that contain sulfur. However, WOLF’s patented LusterLoc technology ensures that your jewelry stays lustrous longer. Each Marrakesh piece is lined with fabric that is designed to absorb the gases that cause tarnishing.

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