Pangaea is a brand that is dedicated to providing only the best for its customers. You won’t find low-quality products made with poor materials when you purchase a Pangaea watch winder. Each Pangaea watch winder and case is crafted using only the best materials and made to suit the needs of the many different luxury watches. In short, you can be sure that your watches are housed comfortably and safely inside a Pangaea watch winder.

Pangaea watch winders are designed like every watch winder — attempting to mimic the movement of human motion. As watches that need the help of a watch winder are powered by the kinetic energy of your arm’s movement, it makes sense that your watch may need help keeping accurate time when it isn’t being worn. Pangaea goes above and beyond when it comes to trying to mimic that motion, with the result that a Pangaea watch winder will almost certainly ensure that your watch keeps perfect time, every time.

Here are some of the best Pangaea options to keep your eye on:

  • Best Pangaea Single Watch Winder - The Pangaea S310 single watch winder is sleek and powerful. With a glossy piano black finish, this watch winder will house any watch in style. The Japanese Mabuchi motor and built-in timer for automatic winding makes this one of the best options on the market.
  • Best Pangaea Double Watch Winder - With another watch winder with a classy piano black finish, this Pangaea D310 double watch winder boasts LED lights, bi-directional turns, soft cuffs, and motorized turntables that will keep your watch ready to wear at all times.
  • Best Pangaea Quad Watch Winder - The beautifully polished burlwood of the Pangaea Q400 quad watch winder is almost enough to make it one of the best quad winders in stock. However, the velvet interior, automatic winding feature, and an awesome adjustable TPD range push this watch winder past the competition.
  • Best Pangaea 8+ Watch Winder - Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous aesthetic or simply a want a watch winder that will hold your extensive watch collection the Pangaea Q840 eight watch winder is a great choice that will fulfill all your needs. The mahogany finish, motorized turntables, lock and key security cover, LED lighting, and bi-directional Japanese Mabuchi motor makes this winder a top option. 
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