Double Watch Winders

Double Watch Winders

Automatic watches, those powered by the kinetic energy created by the wearer’s movement need to be wound when they are not being worn to ensure that they keep the right time. That said, it’s imperative for a collector to find the perfect watch winder to suit their needs and our collection of double watch winders is the perfect place to start.

For example, a watch collector that has only a small number of watches that they switch out every day would find a double watch winder with storage perfect for their collection. However, a watch owner with exactly two watches and a modern taste would likely prefer a double winder with a carbon fiber or steel finish.

Regardless, our wide selection of double watch winders will suit the needs of any watch owner searching for their perfect watch winder match. Here are some suggestions to help you get started on your search!

Best Double Watch Winder on a Budget

Our WOLF Memento Mori Double Cub Watch Winder features the unique design aspects of WOLF’s Momento Mori collection including silver skulls on each winder. The textured vegan leather makes this budget-friendly winder a top option among those who don’t want to lose out on quality. Like all WOLF pieces, this watch winder comes with everything that makes a WOLF product special including precise rotations, bi-directional turns, and a watch cuff designed to securely hold onto bigger and heavier watches.

Best Double Watch Winder with Storage

The Diplomat 34-702 Black Carbon Fiber Double Watch Winder isn’t just an excellent winder, it will also ensure that you have enough space to hold onto more of your valuable watches — up to 10! This watch winder comes with a Japanese Mabuchi motor which will ensure that your winder is powered to perfection. Bi-directional timer control, a carbon fiber finish, and 4 programmed settings mean that this winder will make any watch owner happy!

Best Traditional Double Watch Winder

The Rapport London Formula Double Watch Winder speaks of luxury, but that doesn’t mean this watch winder isn’t packing features. This winder comes fully-equipped with a touchscreen LCD display, interior lighting, a soft velvet-lined interior, and chrome fittings. If you’re worried about security, this winder comes with a lockable case with a key.

Best Modern Double Watch Winder

The Pangaea D700 Double Metal Watch Winder With Cover is the perfect winder for someone who wants a modern watch winder that would fit in with any 21st century aesthetic. The clear cover allows you to see your watches from afar and gives your watch winder a modern look.