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Is a Proud Family Owned Business where your customer experience is number one priority. Our highly trained team will work with you, listen to your questions and find answers that will satisfy all of your scenarios. 

We are an authorized dealer for every brand we carry and we are proud of this fact. We know purchasing with an authorized dealer is the best way to ensure a good experience and feel that our authorized status reflects the trust and respect that we have developed with manufacturers and brands we work with. One of the brands we work with is WOLF a company who has been in the market for over 185 years! Talk about level of expertise!

A high-end, luxury watch (vintage or new) is not just something to have for collections or brag about, these items deserve constant care and proper subsistence. WOLF has never wavered from its undying pursuit for perfection, luxury and elegance. Their handcrafted watch winders work with all automatic watches and have a two-year manufacturer warranty worldwide.

Engineers and Artisans at WOLF handcraft and meticulously engineer each Watch Winder with a sharp functional yet aesthetically pleasing design.

The Roadster Collection - inspired by the best of British motor cars, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bristol and the like - turns your watch perfectly to a precise number of turns. Their aged wood dashboards chrome spiked wheels and vegan leather that is glove soft gives this collection class and elegance.

The Roadster includes a black pebble exterior, back lit LCD display, Ebony Macassar wood face plate, locking glass cover, chrome finished hardware. The polished wood is the perfect backdrop for your watch and makes this collection stunning. The leather, vegan leather or micro suede interiors keep your watches scratch and dent free. Some models of this collection like the Single, Double and Triple winders come with additional storage. The Roadster Triple Watch Winder comes with additional five-piece storage.The cuffs will accommodate up to 52 mm case and a travel case. There are also Single, Double and Triple Watch Winders without storage. The WOLF Triple Watch Winder comes 

Every WOLF winder has patented innovation that allows each model to count the precise number of rotations for your watch. All other winders on the market only estimate the number of rotations. The models in this Roadster Collection have multiple rotation options to fit your needs. They can be set between 300 and 1200 TPD (Turns per Day). Double the amount of TPD by selecting bi-directional. You are able to customize your directional settings and choose Clockwise, Counter Clockwise and Bi-directional.

In terms of power, the smaller models have the option to run on AC power (universal adapter included) or D-Cell/Lithium batteries (not included) and the larger models runs solely on AC power (universal adapter included).