You can think of watch winder trunks as the best of both worlds when it comes to a functional watch winder and portability. These products are made to safely store and transport your luxury watches, even when you’re on the go. Picture it — you’re walking through a crowded airport after boarding a flight to your next exotic locale.

You’ve got your carry-on and you’re traveling light. After waiting at baggage handling, you grab your watch trunk on the conveyor belt. And you’re off! Simply put, a watch trunk is one of the best ways to ensure that you can travel in style, without leaving your precious watches behind.

Why should you choose a watch trunk? Well, watch trunks are for luxury watch owners who want to travel, so if you’re a jet-setting luxury watch or jewelry owner with a large collection — then this is one of the best products to add to your collection.

While traditional watch winders aren’t built with portability in mind, watch trunks are meant to hold a larger amount of watches and jewelry pieces and primed for travel. With drawers for storage, a lovely blue exterior, and gold hardware that exudes sophistication and elegance, the Rapport London Cambridge Watch Winder Trunk is a best seller.

Looking for a more neutral color scheme and a classic look? Then the Rapport London Brompttion Deluxe Trunk for Gentlemen is the watch trunk for you. This watch trunk features front opening doors, a detachable top tray box, and black crocodile patterned leather. In short, it’s got everything you need.

If you’re on the fence and you’re not sure about purchasing a watch trunk, then don’t worry. Reach out to our customer service team. They can advise you on everything you need to know about the benefits of a watch trunk and which one would best suit your needs.