Jewelry Safes


Luckily, some of our most valuable possessions can be worn by us whenever we want to accessorize, make a fashion statement, or even celebrate the best moments in our lives. However, while jewelry can be worn, there are many times in which it needs to be securely stored between uses. That said, it’s important to understand the different features and security options that a jewelry safe can offer you.

Whether you’re storing your favorite diamond necklace or an exceptional luxury watch, you need a jewelry safe that gives you both the security you need and the features you crave. Here are some of the best jewelry case options available from our extensive collection to help you get started on your search.

Most Versatile Jewelry Safe

The WOLF 1834 Atlas 12 Piece Winder Safe is the pinnacle of everything that you would want in a watch safe and a jewelry safe. With watch winders to keep your luxury watches keeping time perfectly and a LusterLoc interior that will keep both your watches and your jewelry from tarnishing. This safe has been certified by the Underwriter’s lab after being subjected to some of its toughest tests. Safety, security, and care — what more can you want?

Best Budget-Friendly Jewelry Safe

You need unparalleled protection, you need reliability, and you need it at an affordable price. The Hollon 845-JD Fire & Burglary Jewelry Safe is the answer. This American made fire and burglary protected jewelry safe that is one of the best on the market at an affordable price. Your jewelry will sit within black velvet lined drawers and be protected by a high-quality lock system.

Top Feature-Rich Jewelry Safe

The WOLF 1834 Vanguard 8 Piece Winder Safe is best-in-class with leading features that have been designed to put your needs first. WOLF’s Bluetooth app, available on both Andriod and the iOS operating system, offers you control over pretty much every aspect of your jewelry safe experience. You gain the freedom to customize your jewelry safe including setting the TPD, directional settings, and the start delay at the touch of a button. The LusterLoc technology ensures that your prized possessions stay untarnished and unscratched.