Humidors are a niche product that is essential for any cigar collector or frequent smoker. Cigars are finicky items — they require a range of conditions to ensure that you get to enjoy them when they are at their best. So, what are some things to help you make the most out of your cigar-smoking experience, especially after lighting up at the end of a long day?

First, it’s essential that your cigar is properly hydrated. That may sound strange, but cigars must be stored at a specific temperature and moisture to preserve their freshness, taste, and even how well they burn. That said, it’s imperative that your cigars are stored according to the best practices. If you’re trying to level-up your cigar-enjoying experience, then the first thing you need to do is purchase a humidor.

A humidor is a storage container that is designed to maintain a certain humidity level. This is vital for cigars and cigar products because the leaves in cigars need to be kept moist.  If they are not kept moist, they will lose flavor and the ability to burn correctly. In short, it may seem like an unnecessary expense, but if you want to enjoy your cigars when they’re at their best, then you need to keep them at their best.

Looking for a humidor?

Our Rapport London Cigar Leather Humidor holds up to 150 cigars! Not only can you fit a large supply in this humidor, but you can also ensure that your cigars will be enjoyed when they are at their best. This humidor features quality craftsmanship,  a leather finish, and a lock and key system that will keep your cigars safe and sound. Don’t waste time! Check out this humidor or any other one in our collection, you will find a humidor that checks every box on your list.

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