Watch Winder Buying Guide

October 06, 2023

Watch Winder Buying Guide

The Ultimate Watch Winders Buyer’s Guide

If you have a collection of automatic or self-winding watches, then you’ve likely discovered that you’re in need of a watch winder to help you use it efficiently! In this piece, we’ll discuss what you should be looking for when you’re shopping for a great watch winder.

What is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a machine that winds your watches for you by providing steady, constant motion so that your watch is able to have the energy it needs to work properly. 

While you can do this yourself, it’s important especially for fine watches that they run all of the time—without stopping and having to be restarted; and, if you happen to be a collector of watches, it’s inconvenient to have to monitor the watches to see if they have stopped and need to be re-wound one by one.

However, that’s not all they can do! Modern watch winders can act as, simultaneously, beautiful and protective viewing cases for your investment pieces as well as a simple way to keep them running. When you’re in the market for a watch winder, you should know that you’re buying an elegant display case as well as a tool to keep your watches running smoothly. 

What Should You Look for in a Watch Winder? 

When you’re looking to purchase a great watch winder, there are several different points you should keep in mind to make sure that you get the right one for you! Here’s a brief rundown of what to think about: 


You’ll want to purchase something which is of high enough quality to keep your pieces running safely, but you also don’t want to break the bank! 

Buyer beware — any watch winders that are advertised as low-cost aren’t much more than a box with a poor-quality motor attached. The motor matters: If they aren’t calibrated specifically for watch winding, then they could overwind your watch and cause internal damage.

Your best bet in terms of cost is to make a budget and stick to it! Keep an eye out for sales, and focus on the quality of the motor over other accessories and features.

Number of Winders

This factor will come into play particularly when you consider how many pieces you’d like to protect or put on display. You’ll want a box that has at least as many winders as you have watches. As the quality of the motor is key, you may want to search for a watch winder system that has one motor per winder (instead of hooking several winders up to one motor).

That way, you’ll have more control over each winder separately, which is good for different types of watches. Watch winders come in a number of sizes:

Turns Per Day

Having the ability to adjust the number of turns per day your watch winder completes can help you customize the care of older or more fragile watches. 

Other features, such as the ability to program clockwise or counterclockwise turning, turning and resting cycles, or even timed alternating cycles of a combination of styles might actually be necessary for your watch’s function. 

Some higher-end brands of watches require this kind of care; it would be a good idea to check with your watch manufacturer for their recommendation. 


There are two different aspects of dimensions you’ll want to keep in mind as you’re looking: interior and exterior size.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that the inside of the watch winder case will support the number of watches you need as well as the size and weight of your watches. You’ll want to compare the official measurements of your watch to the specified capacity of your future watch winder to make sure they match!

Secondly, ensure that your watch winder will fit in your home. If you plan on keeping it on your desk, for example, you’ll want to go for a smaller model. 


Fine wood is a popular choice for watch winders, but they come in many different makes. When you’re considering a watch winder, you should think about whether or not it will fit in with your design. Remember, watch winder doubles as a case that showcases your watch attractively and elegantly—you’re purchasing a design piece as well as a utilitarian accessory.

There are many different finishes to choose from in a watch winder, so it’s important to consider the materials used on your winder. Some popular finishes including wood, leather, and carbon fiber which provides many options for those who want a modern or more conservative look. Each material has a variety of shades to choose from — for example, leather can come in a brown, black, or burgundy tone.  

Start your search by taking a look at the room you’re planning on displaying your watches in. Are the colors vibrant or restrained? Are there natural wood accents? These are details you can play on with your choice of watch winder.

Noise Level

Another consideration is the amount of noise that the watch winder produces. Some are advertised to be softer than a cat’s purr or almost inaudible; others might have a very loud, grinding whirr. Unless you like the idea of having a white noise machine in your home, you’re going to want to read reviews carefully to make sure that other people who have had the winder you’re considering haven’t noted annoying levels of noise. 

Additional Features

Many watch winders go all out with different features to make sure that your watches are properly cared for and well-framed. Whether you’re looking for inset lighting or specific, customizable rotational directions, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for if you’re willing to search for it!

Just be sure to research what you are going to need. If you’re going to be storing your pieces in a darker room, lighting might be necessary. Likewise, if you have higher-end watches that require specific turns and rotations, more customization in that area may be desirable. Let your watches be your guide! 

Watch Winder Safes

WOLF Atlas Watch Winder Safe

If you are on the hunt for your first watch winder, then it’s important that you consider watch winder safes. Watch winder safes function similarly to watch winders. However, watch winder safes provide an additional layer of protection for your high-end watches. Think about it, you’ve probably spent thousands on your prized watch collection — why wouldn’t you want to secure it? 

Watch safes have a number of features to protect your watches from theft or damage including pin-code passwords and mobile app integration. Not to mention, some safes will keep your watches safe in the event of a fire, so they are a sound investment. 

Looking for a watch safe? Keep the same list of specifications and preferences that you have for a watch winder alone. Your safe should meet all of those standards, but provide the extra layer of protection that you are searching for. Remember, watch winder safes can be quite large depending on the number of winders and level of protection they offer. 

Shop watch winder safes.

Watch Winders Brands 

Whether you’re a novice when it comes to watch winders and safes or already have a collection, it’s important to work with brands you trust. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the top brands in the industry. Here is the perfect watch winder and watch safe brands for you and your watches. 


If you are looking to shop a classic luxury watch winder brand with almost 200 years of quality service, then WOLF is the way to go. All WOLF watch winders and safes are handmade from quality materials including the finest leather and the best woods. WOLF winders count rotations per-day and guarantee precision and accuracy for your watch. WOLF is a true luxury brand and is better suited to shoppers with a higher budget. 


Volta watch winders come from a company with over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Their watch winders are hand-crafted from high-quality materials, so you can ensure that you’re getting a great product. Volta works to ensure that their products are durable and withstand the test of time. For customers who are looking for a deal without compromising quality, Volta winders are the perfect match.


To start, Diplomat watch winders are one of the most affordable brands in the business. Their watch winders are made with a variety of finishes including ebony wood and cherry wood. Not to mention, Diplomat offers many different kinds of watch winders from single to 8+. Diplomat winders are perfect for the discerning watch owner who wants a winder that will suit their needs and their tastes. 

Top Watch Winder Collections to Shop

If you’re ready to dive into watch winder shopping check out these top-notch collections that will surely suit your needs and preferences. 

WOLF 1834 Collection

WOLF Regent 12 Watch Winder

The name pays homage to the WOLF brand’s founding. With over 185 years of high-quality skilled watch winder building, this collection brings everything to the table — premium build and 21st-century technology. The glass and wood finish make this sleek collection of watch cabinets the perfect fit for any collector that favors an understated classy look. Not to mention, the mobile app integration makes this collection perfect for any watch owner who wants to take control on the go.

Shop the WOLF 1834 collection.

WOLF Savoy Collection

WOLF Savoy Double Watch Winder

The WOLF Savory collection combines the exceptional quality of WOLF products with the skill of a master craftsman. High gloss finishes of black or burl wood give these winders a deep and rich finish that will draw the eye of anyone in the room. 

Shop the WOLF Savoy collection.

WOLF Roadster Collection

WOLF Roadster 6 Piece Watch Winder

This British brand is proud of its roots and isn’t afraid to take inspiration from some of the best Britain has to offer in automobiles. The same luxury that draws a person to a top-tier car such as an Ashton Martin or Jaguar can be found in these watch boxes. Premium leather and aged ebony wood make these watch winders the true definition of sophistication.

Shop the WOLF Roadster collection.

Final Thoughts

A watch winder can be a great way to keep your watches safe, clean, and cared-for without hours of manual maintenance. However, it can also be a beautiful, well-designed investment piece for elegant displays! Think carefully about what you need before you buy, and your watch winder will bring beauty and function to your home for years to come.

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