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September 12, 2022

High-end Luxury Watch Winders - LUX Watch Winders

Do you still remember the first day, you fell in love with your Rolex, Jaeger Lecoultre, or Girard-Perregaux? Can you still remember how stunning and flawless they look? How about how they wind? 


Would you like to achieve the equal elegance and function of your most delicate timepieces? Then investing in a high-end luxury watch winder must be what you have to do! Even for long years of usage, they will still look fabulous and functional - just like the day you had them. A high-end luxury watch is not just something to have for collections or just something to brag about.  They deserve constant care and proper subsistence. 
A high-end luxury watch fairly deserves a high-end luxury winder! All you have to do is to pull that trigger and check out what’s available in the market today. 

WOLF 1834 Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder

WOLF 1834 Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder - LUX Watch Winders -


If ultimate security is imperative to you, you probably won't hesitate to buy this high-end luxury watch winder. The WOLF manufactured watch winder can be controlled by a Bluetooth App from any Android or Apple device. The app will control each timepiece’s TPD accurately. The most distinguishing feature of this winder is its 3 -level security.  It comes with a registered cuff & drum design that assures that the cuff locks inside, ensuring your watches are always safe. Additionally, it comes in tempered locking glass doors, & 3 digit combination lock on drawers. Furthermore, you won't drop a sweat to select the right setting for each of your watches from a pre-programmed selection of  1 to 1,999 turns per day. 


Wolf 1834 Regent 12 Piece Cabinet Winder

WOLF ROADSTER 8-Piece Winder

WOLF ROADSTER 8-Piece Winder - LUX Watch Winders


This WOLF collection watch winder was designed to fit bigger and heavier watches and can accommodate up to 8 watches. This watch winder comes with a Delayed Program Start feature which can accommodate a power reserve from 6  to 72 hours. It provides the watch that's been recently worn the opportunity to release the stored energy before it actively turns.


 High-end luxury Wolf ROADSTER 8 Piece winder


Volta - 31560240 24 Watch Winder Carbon Fiber

Volta - 31560240 24 Watch Winder Carbon Fiber - LUX Watch Winders
This 24 Volta watch winder is considered to be one of those high-end luxury watch winders you may have.   Imagine your watches elegantly mounted to this glossy carbon fiber finished watch winder preserving their beauty and accuracy for long-term use. If you happen to have at least $9000 to spend for a watch winder,  you might want to take a look at the specifications which provide uniqueness and security to your considered to be heirlooms.  Selecting the right setting will not be a pain-in-the-ass because this watch winder has been made to provide 4 TPDs selections.


High-end luxury Volta - 31560240 24 watch winder carbon fiber

Volta - 31570040 4 Watch Winder -  Black Oak

Volta - 31570040 4 Watch Winder - Black Oak - LUX Watch Winders
 This Roadster collection from Volta has been popular because it runs with an ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor. This comes with a belt-less structure which will allow you to use your winder for a long time. This watch winder has three available revolutions -  a clockwise setting, a counterclockwise setting, or a combination of clockwise and counterclockwise revolutions. This will keep all your timeless pieces functional through eternity. 


High-end Volta - 31570040 4 Watch Winder- Black Oak

Volta - 31560020 Double Watch Winder Carbon Fiber

Volta - 31560020 Double Watch Winder Carbon Fiber - LUX Watch Winders
These Signature series watch winder by Volta has been made to provide quality and safety at a reasonable price.   The solid power-driven system can be fastened with a supplied key - a true reflection of security.  


High-end luxury Volta - 31560020 double watch winder carbon fiber

Volta - 31560010 Single Square Watch Winder Carbon Fiber

Volta - 31560010 Single Square Watch Winder Carbon Fiber - LUX Watch Winders
The design is often most swaying when it depicts the advanced achievement of a revolutionary concept  Mechanically inclined with state-of-the-art Japanese Mabuchi Motor - you will unmistakably get a good night's sleep, even if this is placed on your bedside.  


High-end luxury  Volta - 31560010 Single Square Watch Winder Carbon Fiber

WOLF AXIS Single Winder with Storage

 High-end luxury  Wolf AXIS Single Winder with Storage - LUX Watch Winders
WOLF AXIS Single Winder with Storage provides a blend of functionality and style.  This is a must-have for watch collectors who want peculiar protection of their watches. This features a Start delay which has a 6 - 72 hours power preserve option.  The watch behind the Vegan leather box is predominantly housed and winded by a true reflection of elegance.


High-end luxury Wolf AXIS single winder with storage

Volta - 31560321 32 Watch Winder Ebony/Rosewood

Volta - 31560321 32 Watch Winder Ebony/Rosewood - LUX Watch Winders
This Volta Rustic collection will catch the eye of a watch expert. Practicality-wise - when the winder is in sleep mode,  your watches will continue to tick normally for 16 hours even when they are out of your wrists. Those precious timekeepers will run out of style with this perfectly crafted and refined rustic rosewood/ebony-finished high-end luxury watch winder.


High-end luxury Volta - 31560321 32 Watch Winder Ebony/Rosewood 
At LUX Watch Winders, we have a diverse collection of watch winders that will suit your needs!  We aim to provide quality and luxurious watch winders at the most reasonable price. We proudly offer you a Price-match guarantee, free shipping on all winders, AND financial assistance from Klarna.


And because we perceive that high-end luxury watch winders cost more than a few bucks, we'll also give you a 10% discount on ALL winders! Just key-in SHOPWINDER, when you get to the order page. Terms and conditions apply.


At LUX Watch Winders, We've got it all for you! 
Shop now! 

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