Where to Keep Jewelry Safe

October 06, 2023

15 Places to Store Your Jewelry Safe - Lux Watch Winders

Having a jewelry collection is exciting as it offers different styles to mix up your appearance. However, it’s also expensive and one of the things burglars focus on when raiding a home. It makes sense to invest in hidden jewelry safe to keep them away from unwanted events.

Have you been struggling to find good locations to store your jewelry safe? Then continue reading for the best 15 places available in most homes. They will help keep your prized possessions secure.  

Places to Store Jewelry Safes

There are multiple variables to consider when selecting a safe such as size, weight, and security. Also, when used frequently you should factor in convenience and location. Here are the best places to store your jewelry safely.

1. Under the floor

An excellent place to store a vault is under the floorboards because it’s hidden in plain sight. Only you would know which floorboard to pick up to reveal the safe. Therefore, making it a brilliant hiding place from potential thieves.

With basic woodworking skills, you can create a compartment to store your expensive assets. Make sure that you select an area that contains no pipes or wiring underneath for safety. Also, you can create a wooden box compartment in the flooring to put the safe in, so it doesn’t get dirty from the surroundings.

2. Under the mattress

Another good hiding compartment for your safe is beneath your mattress. If you have a bed with storage underneath, you can place it there for safety. Most people will not consider looking under the mattress. That’s because it would seem unlikely that someone would store valuables under the bed. Also, there usually is a lot of space, which means you can place larger safes.

3. In the wall

A wall-mounted vault is one of the best options because of the safety and convenience. Wall-mounted means that it’s secured tightly so nobody can rip it out quickly. Usually, there are mounts with metal bolts to hold it in place for extra security. Also, you can hide the safe behind a painting or poster, which makes it difficult to spot. Have multiple posters or paintings in the room to better hide the safe.

Installing the safe can be difficult because you need enough space in the wall and know what you’re doing. Therefore, it’s recommended to hire a professional to do the installation.

4. In a book

If you have small but expensive items, consider hiding them in a book safe. There are multiple options that come in a variety of designs to match your décor better. Therefore, if you have an in-home library, purchasing one of these safes is best to camouflage it with your home. This option is brilliant for jewelry because of its compact size, security, and ease of access.

5. Inside stair steps

An unusual place to store a locker is inside a staircase. An unknown person entering your home won’t even consider looking at the stairs for hidden compartments. The stair draw will have a lot of space inside for you to place a safe to store your most precious items. In addition, if you need more storage in your home, you can make all the stairs draws to place items conveniently.

6. Under the stairs 

Creating a hidden storage space under the stairs is a wonderful place to hide your belongings. You’ll have plenty of room to hide or store items without unwanted people noticing there’s something there.

7. Inside a shelf

While a floating shelf can take a guest's attention, it can be a brilliant place to store your belongings. You can purchase a floating shelf that has a compartment underneath that blends in with the overall design. Therefore, people won’t look twice and think there is something hidden.

These safes are incredibly sophisticated, using hack-proof radio-frequency identification keys for extra security. You can wave the key provided in front of the vault to unlock. Although there isn’t a lot of room to store your items, it should be enough to keep your jewelry safe.

8. In a vent

Hiding a safe in a vent is a genius idea because without the right tools getting inside is a difficult task. The device won’t stand out as you most likely have multiple air vents. Therefore, for thieves to unscrew all of them would be a daunting task. The small space is ideal for compact safes that are suitable for jewelry. Also, you can build a fake air vent to store your expensive belongings.

9. Inside packages

You’ve probably heard that hiding in plain sight is one of the best ways to conceal expensive items. Some safes come with packaging printed onto the metal so you won’t need to find the perfect fit. For example, if the design you choose is dog food, then hiding the safe in a kitchen closet is an excellent choice. Nobody will expect to find expensive jewelry hidden in such a place. However, if you’ve already got a safe, then place it inside an empty package box, which should work just as fine.

10. Behind a draw

As we mentioned before, hiding the safe in a secret draw is ideal, but what about a draw that’s in plain sight? Behind the draw, there should be enough space to conceal items, which makes it a perfect spot for jewelry. A person that has broken in will not have much time to go looking, so checking behind every drawer will be too time-consuming.

11. Inside a clock

A clock is a lovely home decoration but can also serve as a safe. Security companies are coming up with new and cool ideas for keeping your possessions safe. A safe clock may look like a cheap product, but that’s the idea. Make sure to select an option that matches your home décor so that it doesn’t stand out.

12. False bottom drawer 

Draws have many secret hiding spots that you can create, but one of the best is having a false bottom. Pick a deep drawer, so you have plenty of space to work with, so it’s not obvious. You can purchase a wooden cover similar to the style of the drawer and place the safe at the bottom. Afterward, place your ordinary items on top so it looks like nothing is underneath. 

13. Power outlet

An unusual yet effective hiding spot is behind a power outlet. Most people won’t look twice, which makes it an excellent choice. Your house will have multiple outlets and a burglar won’t have enough time to unscrew and look behind every one of them. Also, space is enough to store small jewelry like rings and earrings. 

14. Family album

A family album is a fantastic place to hide your small belongings because nobody thinks to check there. Burglars aren’t interested in your personal memories, so why look there? Therefore, you can purchase a fake album that looks personal with a compartment to hide your items.

15. Secret ceiling compartment

Most homes have ceiling tiles that can be removed, which you can use to your benefit by hiding your jewelry inside the ceiling. Make sure that the ceiling tiles will support the safe on top because otherwise, it could become unsafe. Also, having an incline in the ceiling will be obvious to burglars that something is up there.

Buying factors when considering placement

Before buying a safe consider the buying factors that relate to placement. That’s because it might be too big or not the best match visually. We’ve mentioned some of the best locations to put the safe, so now let’s think about the noteworthy features to consider. 


Size is an essential factor when considering a safe since it needs to fit in the desired location. Before purchasing, measure the space of the compartment and order an appropriate vault. Ordering a safe that’s too small is more forgiving because it will fit in the compartment.

However, if you want a built-in safe that goes into a wall or floor, make sure it’s the right fit, and you get a painting or poster that covers it.


Perhaps the most important factor to look at is the security of the safe. The locking mechanism should be sophisticated to be the jewelry away from thieves. You will have to choose from two types of locks – electronic keypad lock or mechanical combination dial.

The electronic keypad lock is a brilliant choice because it has many benefits. The lock is faster to unlock and saves the user 30-60 seconds. Also, you can change the code whenever you want, so if you feel it’s compromised simply reset it.

Mechanical combination locks are considered more reliable than electronic keypads. They offer extreme durability and are unlikely to fail. However, this type of lock does take longer to open.


When choosing a place to hide the safe consider the weight. For example, ceiling installations prefer a lighter unit. However, if it’s going inside a wall or floor, perhaps a heavy option is optimal as it would be difficult to move in the event of a robbery.

Installation service

You may want to choose an installation service when buying affordable jewelry safe. They can help you install the unit securely and in a manner that’s hidden from plain sight. They might use tricks of the trade that make it harder for burglars to locate the jewelry vault.

Reduce the cost of the installation service by looking for one that also sells safes. You may get a discount when both are ordered in one package. They will also have the right knowledge to install the safes they are selling.

Common problems when selecting safe placement

Understanding the issues that homeowners have when choosing a suitable safe location can help you make the best choice. It will help reduce the chances of installing where there is a security risk. Learning from the mistakes of others allows you to get it right the first time.

Not measuring the correct size

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing a size that’s not appropriate for the storage location. For example, let’s say you want to buy a hidden wall safe that’s to be placed behind a specific painting. You need to make sure that the size is smaller than the frames of the painting.

Stay on the side of caution by getting a slightly smaller safe. It ensures that you’ll have no trouble fitting the unit in the desired area. However, make sure there is enough room for the jewelry that you need to store.

Lack of DIY skills

Safe installation in some spots around the home might be tricky. When you need to make a hole in the wall or remove floorboards the process requires tools and skills. You can complete the job yourself or hire a service to install the safe. Don’t let a lack of DIY skills put you off from choosing the best place to safely store the jewelry.

Finding good hiding spots

Homeowners can struggle to figure out spots around the house where the safe will blend in with the environment. It’s a problem in homes where you can’t take apart the walls, floors, or ceiling to install the unit. You’ll need to get creative and think outside of the box. The ideas in this blog post will give you food for thought. However, you must use the natural features of your home to its advantage.

Wrong security level

Hidden safes may not require the same level of security as ones that are in plain sight. Buyers with a limited budget can choose a less sophisticated locking mechanism but compensate by finding a better hiding spot. Think about the ease of breaking into the unit and the difficulty of finding it in the first place.

Final thoughts

Selecting the best place to store your jewelry safe is simple when you identify the ideal spots. You need to think of the locations where burglars would not consider looking. Paces such as stairs, in the wall, under the floorboards, and inside books work perfectly. 

Investing in keeping your precious jewelry secure is a no-brainer. You’ll have an organized and dedicated compartment to store jewelry so it won’t get lost. Try the suggestions mentioned in this article and you’ll have enough ideas to get started with. 

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