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October 06, 2023

Watch Winders Buyer's Guide - Lux Watch Winders

A watch winder is essentially a device that keeps self-winding watches running automatically when you are not wearing them. This winder is a small-sized box with a motor that is powered either by an Alternating Current power source or a battery that spins the cup by keeping the watch firmly in its place.

It is important not to jump the gun when purchasing a luxury watch winder. If you are interested in buying one, here is a buyer's guide for luxury watch winders.

Why You Should Buy a Watch Winder

The primary reason why you ought to invest in a luxury watch winder for your quality watch is that you get excellent bang for your buck when you buy a watch winder. These are designed to operate when you are not wearing your watch and wind it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you were to leave your watches alone lying still for a couple of days, there is a strong likelihood that its mechanism will malfunction, and the watch will eventually stop. Not using the winders will harden the oil lubricant resulting in you frequently visiting a repair store. Courtesy to watch winders, you do not have to reset its intricate function, and this saves you a lot of time.

Moreover, quality watch winders provide safe storage. You have to be careful not to dump your watch when you are wearing it. However, scratches, along with other damages, will eventually occur when you store your watch in the watch box near other metal objects. Apart from the fact that a watch winder keeps the watches perfectly wound by holding them in timepieces in a cushion, it also has adequate secure space to safeguard your watches against scratches and nicks from the outside.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Watch Winder

WOLF Watch Winder - Lux Watch Winders

These are some of the most crucial factors you ought to consider when planning to buy a luxury watch winder.


Do not merely buy a luxury watch winder based on its functionality and external appearance. You should also consider how loud it is. Cheap winders are usually quite loud, meaning that you cannot place them inside your bedroom as it will not let you sleep well at night!  Prior to purchasing a watch winder, be sure to assess how quiet it is while it is in operation mode.

If buying a watch winder online, you may peruse reviews about how loud the winder is. Some individuals also share videos online, which you can use for your research.


Presentation is a critical factor when it comes to buying a watch winder. If you are an enthusiastic watch collector, you will refrain from storing your valuable watches in a battered and shabby old box, as this would only spoil the aesthetic appeal of your collection.

To display valuable watches, you should opt for high-quality watch winders that do not compromise on presentation even in the slightest. Watch winders are available in several materials that include leather, fine wood, silk, and so forth. These materials are ideal for displaying luxury watches.

High-end watch winders allow manufacturers and dealers to beautify their products, which draws in more customers. Similarly, passionate watch lovers may use watch winders to showcase their exquisite collection.


In addition to keeping the timepiece precisely accurate, several luxury watch winders provide extra storage space so you can easily store your watches. If you have a sizeable collection, it would be wise to take the storage space under advisement when buying a winder.

Tucked away safely in the corner of your house, your watches will be perfectly safe, and the winders will prevent your watches from getting lost and keep the dust away as well.

Questions You Need to Ask

Rolex Watch - Lux Watch Winders

The very important question you need to ask yourself is: Do I Really Require a Watch Winder?

Truth be told, this is a personal decision which you should respond to yourself. A watch winder is most likely to be useful to you if you possess an exquisite watch collection. Perhaps, you would like to keep your favorite watches wound at all times, showcase to others, and maintain them in the best possible condition.  In addition, you should bear in mind that a winder is only for automatic watches (watches which don’t require manual winding or have a battery but keep going owing to the watch’s motion on your wrist).

Furthermore, the following are some additional vital questions you ought to ask the customer representative at the watch winder boutique.

  • Are all watches compatible with every branded watch winder?
  • How many heads do I require for my winder?
  • How many TPD (Turns per Day) are needed for my watch brand?
  • Which branded watch winder would be ideal for my particular watch?

Why You Should Buy from an Authorized Dealer

Authorized dealers of quality watch winders world have a reputation for selling branded and top quality, winders at reasonable prices (You can rest assured you are not being ripped off!). Furthermore, authorized dealers will promptly take care of any questions you might have regarding the product. They will also efficiently tackle any other issues (that may surface) in a very timely and friendly manner. You can also enjoy the privilege of free shipping on selected watch winders brands when dealing with an authorized seller.

How to Properly Use a Watch Winder?

Lux Watch Winders

Watch winders are pretty straightforward to use. Apart from their rotational settings and the TPD (Turns Per Day) they need, they do not require much thought. In case you are concerned about overstressing your watch, you might also want to set a precise time delay. This allows you to run the current charge down a notch. After your watch is placed on your winder, you can then leave it there up until you are ready to use the watch again.


Watch winders are very effective devices that make sure your watches remain fully functional for a long time. Since there is a broad array of watch winders available, it always pays to do thorough research prior to finally buying a watch winder. This will make sure that you get the best possible value for your money and that your watches will have a safe abode to rest in, where they will remain fully functional and in pristine condition.

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