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October 06, 2023

Jewelry Wall Safe Features in 2020-2021 - Lux Watch Winders

Even with a drawer chest, your valuables might be accessible to burglars. The question that comes to mind is, how do you keep your jewelry safely at home? An excellent answer to this query is getting a standard jewelry wall safe. 

Deciding to keep your jewelry in-wall safes is easy. The main task is finding wall safes with the right features. This guide will help you to understand the right parts that define an outstanding wall safe. Stay active to access these points!

General Features of a Jewelry Wall Safe 

The need for a high-quality product is as crucial as getting a locking jewelry safe in the first place. Sadly, the market is saturated with various options from different manufacturers. However, identifying the precise peculiarities to scan for in your jewelry wall safe will mitigate this hassle. Highlighted below are the features to keep in mind:

1. Locking System 

The locking system of a wall safe is one of its primary features. For locking jewelry safe, the security of your valuables should come before anything else. Ensure that the protection mechanism is reliable enough to secure your jewelry. Also, accessibility and usage convenience are paramount. 

Jewelry safes use four typical guarding systems. Each option has its unique properties, pros, and cons. And these considerations can help you to decide which is best for you. These selections are:

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks use unique features of individuals to allow access into the safe. Most models of this guard type use fingerprints and retina scans. It is one of the most authentic secure locks, yet, easy to access and convenient to use. You can store as many prints as you want to allow access into the safe. 

Combination Dial

Combination dials require you to use unique code sequences. It is one of the classical methods of locking safes. To disengage the lock, the user has to spin the dial to a preset number. You have to return it back and forth for unique number integration. 

Numerical Pads

The numerical pads are similar to the option above. They both use digital codes like passwords. The main discrepancy between them is that you don’t spin in digit pads. You only punch the number sequence in a precise order. 

Keyed Lock

The keyed lock is another valuable guard option for safes. It is typical with small jewelry safes for home. It only utilizes a modeled key to allow access to the lock. It can come with backup keys to enable multiple access by trusted persons. 

2. High-grade Materials 

The material for making jewelry safes is another crucial peculiarity to examine. The component for each product has an immediate correlation with the quality. An inferior base element can translate to low-safe property and vice versa. 

The best substances to make safe jewelry at home are high-gauge steel alloys and steel. These compounds are suitable for wall safes. They protect your prized possessions from various vices, including theft, water, and fire.

Suitable steel coating will mitigate corrosion and rust. The interior of the safes might be covered with other elements to protect your valuables. It can include foam or soft fabrics to prevent any damage that might result from exposing your jewelry to steel. 

3. Size 

The purpose of getting a jewelry safe will be defeated if it is too big or too small to accommodate your valuables. It is best to use the knowledge of what you intend to keep in the safe to get a suitable size. 

Jewelry safes are available in various dimensions. So, there is always a fitting capacity for every requirement. All you need to do is figure out the measurement that best suits your demands and find a product that matches it. 

Note that it is not appropriate to judge the extent of your wall safes with their outward appearance. The area of its internal space will determine how much of your prized possessions it can hold. The external volume will only influence the storage decision. 

4. Quality 

The issue of identifying the quality of a safe for jewelry at home is a bit controversial. It might be challenging to tell if a product is of high quality or otherwise. However, there are some things you can check to give you an idea. 

First off, evaluate the construction materials. A wall safe with inferior body construction will undoubtedly be of low quality and vice versa. Another thing to examine is the build strength. Check for the joints and compactness. 

The weight of the wall safe might not be a good pointer of standard. Other features like a locking system and warranty offers can also help you with a clearer idea. 

5. Digital Features 

The digital features of wall safes will increase its security system. These characteristics come in various dimensions. For instance, the digital element of some biometric wall mini vault can notify you of any attempt to access your safe. Other innovations can include battery alerts for safes that use sound notifications. 

6. Other Features 

You can look out for some other features in a product—for instance, interior lighting.  This property will help you to retrieve your valuables in the dark. 

Silent mode is another attribute to check. This option means you can open and close your safe without anyone noticing: no pad sound or regular quacks. You can decide to turn off the digital beep sound if you deem fit. 

How Much Does A Wall Safe Cost? 

The cost of a wall safe varies greatly depending on various factors. The price is dependent on the manufacturer, quality, and features of the safe. Also, the size and digital peculiarities of the wall safe can influence the monetary value.

On average, a wall safe can cost around $500 and $1000 (some can be higher or lower). You can find a high-quality product of your choice within this budget range. Note that this expense excludes delivery and installation fees. Some producers can offer free delivery and fitting. 


Jewelry safes are essential for keeping valuables at home or even in the office. Choosing to use wall safes is easy, but finding a product of the right quality might seem a hassle. So, it is crucial to know the features to look out for to certify a proper selection. 

Careful evaluation of the points above will help you to figure out the suitable jewelry wall safe for you. It will ensure that you get a high value for money while mitigating the stress of market navigation. Feel free to explore the available options!

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