How to Buy a Watch Winder

October 06, 2023

How to Buy a Watch Winder

When an owner of automatic watches ask us, “Do I really need a winder?” we ask: Would you keep a thoroughbred in an open pasture? Or don’t you really need a purpose-built barn stall? Would you park a Lamborghini under a pine tree? Or don’t you really need a garage?

Just as thoroughbreds and Lamborghinis are born to run, so is an automatic watch.

And it can’t run unless it’s wound.
Don’t be the guy who forgets a thoroughbred in the pasture.
Don’t be the guy who parks a Lamborghini under a tin carport.
And don’t be the guy who leaves his finely crafted automatic watch on the 
nightstand. Then wakes up, ready to face the day with — a stopped watch. You wouldn’t let your Mercedes run out of gas. Why do some men let an automatic watch run down?
Stay impeccable.
Although high-end watch winders can cost up to $144,000 (and much more) 
for a 20-winder watch safe, some minimalist, elegant, single-watch winders list for $99, and even less.

So how do you choose a watch winder, given that variety of price? Congratulations on beginning your selection of a winder.
With two clear points of reference, you can make your selection rapidly yet 
competently; boldly and with full confidence.

Experiential Selection

First, trust your instincts and your judgment.

Selecting a watch winder is like selecting a watch. “Shopping” isn’t really the word, right? “Shopping” is what a housekeeper does at the supermarket, carrying her sheaf of coupons, and looking for specials.

For a watch winder, you’re not shopping. You are selecting. Selecting based on your instinct. Your preference. And your taste in what you appreciate from deep within.

You select, knowing what you want when you see it. You don’t overanalyze. You don’t focus much on price, as long as its within your zone of responsible spending.

So that’s the fundamental point in this buyer’s guide for watch winders. Properly understood, acquiring a watch winder is not for shopping. It’s forselecting.

Watch Winder Capacity

Look at the size of your family of automatic watches. Is it a family of one, flying solo? Or a family of five? Or — if you’re a collector — will it grow to a dozen, or several dozen?

Explore accordingly the selections of winders available in the price range you’ve predetermined. You’ll find watch winders for any number of watches from one to six. You’ll even find watch safes with integrated winders for up to dozens of watches.

For the entry level watch owner

A minimum, substantial quality is easily within the budget of anyone owning even an entry-level automatic watch. Refined, minimalist models can be had for $99 or in some cases even less.

Watch Winders Minimum turns per day

Look for a winder which has a minimum of 650 turns per day (27 turns per hour). That is an adequate specification for almost every watch.


Also look for a bi-directional motor which can be set to clockwise, counter- clockwise, or alternating. Some watches require clockwise. Some require counter- clockwise winding. An alternating directionality satisfies both.

It’s an easy specification to find in high quality, affordable watch winders. And it will insure you’re prepared for any watch that comes into your personal collection in future.

And those are the sum total of specifications to consider when selecting a winder for your automatic watch: turns per day and directionality.

The rest is down to your instinct, judgment, taste, and desire. Select the winder that belongs with your watch, and fits within your responsible spending limits. There is no shortage of candidates. You’ll know it when you see it.

For the experienced watch winder owner

The timeless principles of luxury acquisitions apply to the experienced collector as well as to the entry level enthusiast. Select your price limit, go with your instinct, and select what you want when you see it — without regard to small differences in price.

Acquiring high-end watch winders is governed by the same principles we’ve already mentioned. You’re not shopping. You’re selecting based on taste and desire. No connoisseur of luxury buys a Bentley for the features or specifications,but for the lifestyle. For the elegance. For the experience. And it’s the same with experienced owners of quality, high end watch winders.

Get out of the specs list. Every high end winder is perfectly adequate to the mechanical needs.

On your journey of selection and acquisition, act from your aesthetic sense, from your taste and judgment.

High-end watch winders are like fine furniture. Or a second home. And some of them cost as much as a well-appointed mountain cabin. When you’re selecting homes or fine furniture, you spend time beholding the best. You’re developing your taste. So spend time observing the most expensive and beautifully crafted watch winders you can find.

You’ll learn not only about the $144,000 (and up) watch winders, but more important, you’ll learn about yourself. About your own taste. About your own judgment and desire in fine things of life. So then you’ll make a selection more attuned to yourself, and to the timepieces you own.

Distrust watch winder buying guides which point you to specific winders. They don’t know you. Trust yourself.

Trust your own taste, as you develop your taste and judgment. It’s an aesthetic, experiential acquisition. Not “shopping”.

You’ll know the watch winder destined for you when you see it. That’s the mark of a true connoisseur.

Expertise, at your service

Luxury isn’t about the product alone. It’s equally about service. Selecting a watch winder can be a complex decision. We want to ensure you get the absolute best product for your needs. Our customer service team stands ready to assist you at all times. Contact us! with any questions or to discuss anything at all relating to watch winders. We are experts and are always happy to help. 

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