Advantage of a Watch Winder

October 06, 2023

5 Advantages of Using Luxury Watch Winders - Lux Watch Winders

If you love using watches or you are a dealer, then you should enjoy talking about watch winders. But there are two sides to this coin. Some watchmakers, merchants, and users will tell you how much you need luxury watch winders. Others believe this accessory is completely unnecessary. 

Are you caught in the middle of this debate? Do you want more clarification about the place of watch winders in horology? This guide helps you to know the perception of this device and its advantages. Let's find out! 

What is Watch Winders? 

Do you notice that your luxury watch stops working if you don't wear it for a long time? This concept highlights the role of a watch winder. It is a device that helps to keep your automatic luxury watch working when it is not attached to your wrist.

In simple terms, it is a decorative box that keeps your watch ticking. It uses both vibration and rotating technology. This mechanism helps to simulate similar weight and vibration from the wearer's wrist. Hence, cause the watch to keep ticking. 

Are you wondering how a watch winder keeps the watch winding? Let's find out. 

How Does A Watch Winder Work?


Before we dive into how watch winders work, you need to know the functioning mechanism of an automatic watch. Both devices complement themselves like a ring on the finger. Without one, there won't be a need for the other. So, it is essential to have sufficient information about them. 

Working Mechanism of an Automatic Watch

An automatic watch ticks using its moving weight. It winds itself only when there is enough moving load on it. The pressure usually comes from the movement of the wearer's wrist. 

Logically, an automatic watch only works if you wear it. Regular use means your luxury watch will keep functioning because it is continually winding. But what happens when you don't wear it for an extended period? 

This watch stops working if you don't wear it for a long time. Hence, it creates a hassle of rewinding your watch each time you need to use it. 

Working Mechanism of a Watch Winder

This device is either electric-powered or battery-powered. So, it will keep the watch ticking and winding till the next time you need it. The crucial thing is ensuring that it never runs low on its power supply. To use it, follow the points below:

  • Securely place your watch in the winder and set it according to the manufacturer's instructions. 
  • Switch on the device by pressing a button or plugging it into an energy source. Most winders either use batteries or AC power. 
  • You only have to remove the watch when you want to wear it. You don't have to do any regulation by switching on and off. The settings as recommended by the manufacturer will help you with the control. 

5 Advantages of Using A Watch Winder 

Using a watch winder might be necessary if you have more than a single automatic watch. Having multiple watches means you cannot wear all of them regularly. And it is essential to ensure that they are working, regardless of their frequency of usage. 

Here are some of the core benefits of using a rotating luxury watch winder:

1. It Improves the Longevity of Your Automatic Watch 

The system is an automatic watch like that of your car engine. You need to keep it in constant use to ensure a top performance level. Regular usage will prevent it from developing unnecessary faults. 

So, instead of using your luxury watch unnecessarily, a winder will solve the problem. It keeps the watch working without wearing it down. 

2. Enhances Proper Lubrication 

There are several moving parts of an automatic watch. So, most of these watch models have programmed lubrication systems and built-in lubricants. They stop dispersing the lubricant when not in use. So, not using your watch for a while can cause friction around moving parts. Hence, making it impossible for it to wind or tick. 

A safe luxury watch winder keeps the system working effectively. It ensures normal and continual dispersal of lubricants. So, it enhances the proper movement and functioning of the watch's system. 

3. Eliminates the Stress of Manual Watch Resetting

Not using your watch for a long time can cause it to stop working. And this means you have to do a manual reset each time you need it. This procedure can be stressful and inconvenient. But using a simple watch winder keeps the watch running. So, it will eliminate the stress and inconveniences with handmade correction. 

4. Winders Help to Protect Your Watch 

Most watches are sensitive to damaging elements like water, moisture, fire, and dust. Also, scratches on the face and other parts of the watch can cause it to be less attractive. But a safe luxury watch winder will mitigate these problems. 

As long as you use the right watch winder, there is nothing to fear. Your watch will be safe from all potential hazards. 

5. Allows You to Make A Fine Display of your Watch Collection 

In recent times, luxury watches are more of an accessory, just like neckpieces, bracelets, and rings. So, it is common for people to have two or more luxury watches. Safekeeping and displaying these watches might be somewhat challenging. But it is possible with a box premium watch winder. This device uses a see-through glass cover that allows a fine display of your watch collection. The best part is that it does this without compromising their protection. 

Are Watch Winders Bad for The Branded Watch? 

Most luxury watches are branded, and they use similar winding technology. Just like every other automatic watch, winders are not bad for a branded watch. 

It uses vibrating and movement technology to keep your watch ticking. And does this without wearing down your watch's system. Instead, it gives similar advantages to winders on other watches. 


Questioning the need for watch winders has been a long-standing debate in horology. But, with this guide, your exposure to its pros will be clear. And from here, your watch maintenance can only get better. 

Good watch winders will save you a lot of money and stress. Acquiring this device is a good step in the right direction. Quality luxury watch winders are a healthy marriage of craftsmanship, technology, and convenience. And with a fitting selection, your watch collection can only get better!

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